About The Talent Cloud

Have you noticed that there is a lot of chatter about values and culture these days? Well, we have the platform and tools that will help you to “walk the talk.”

We have spent many years developing our know-how on purpose (individual and organisation), culture, values frameworks and team motivation. We have developed a Talent Management platform, which is a holistic, SAAS solution that will support your organisation in assessing, on-boarding, developing, reviewing, engaging and off-boarding your colleagues.

Our IP includes a large database of company vision/mission/values, matching algorithms, and an in-house developed system supporting 6 values-based tools.

We are passionate about helping you to access, grow and engage the right talent, through values and culture, to drive performance. Our purpose is to see more people engaged in meaningful and rewarding work.

Craig Hutchison

Founder, values evangelist, purpose-driven to make a difference, for individuals and organisations. Husband and father.
Zintle Quntu

Deconstructed the vision, mission and values of the world's largest 1000 companies. Trouble shooter extraordinaire. Mother.
David Frylinck

Technology master. Passionate about user experience. Focussed on growing. Avid runner and hiker.


Introduction to The Talent Cloud

According to Gallup, 60% of employees are unhappy at work, and only 15% are engaged.

Through accessing, growing and engaging with the right talent, you will significantly improve the situation for your organisation, and thereby deliver performance. We help you do this through providing an eco-system of values-based tools, which begins with matching the right talent with the right organisation and role (the Matcher).

We then ensure that your new talent has the best possible start (the On-Boarder), is developed throughout their career (the Developer), is given great feedback (the Reviewer), and is constantly engaged (the Engager). If your talent chooses to leave, they are supported in that decision, and a relationship is still maintained (the Off-Boarder).

What differentiates our platform is that values are at the heart centre of all our tools. We all talk about values, however our tools help you to live them every day. Our tools are quick and easy to use individually, however together they provide an holistic People Management Platform. We have combined best practice (on-boarding, development, engagement) with novel ideas (recruitment based on values, project reviewing, off-boarding).

Workflow is tech-enabled and automated, and we provide a wealth of analytics and insights, real time, which will help you to develop your culture, and drive the right behaviours. This will increase solidarity, as well as performance. People power will be unleashed, energy and enthusiasm will be boosted, and your talent will be fully motivated all week long.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us on hello@the-talent-cloud.com or use the Contact Us page.