Cultural Values Assessment

Culture and values directly influences behaviour, which impacts performance. As Peter Drucker is well known for saying: "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast".
We are able to help you understand your current "lived" culture and values, check for alignment to your "stated" values framework, and help you build a program develop the desired culture, and embed it within your organisation.

We use the internationally accredited Barrett Values methodology which involves answering 3 simple questions:
1.) Please select the ten values/behaviours that most reflect who you are, not who you desire to become.
2.) Please select ten of the values/behaviours that from your own experience best describe how your organisation currently operates.
3.) Please select ten of the values/behaviours that you believe are essential for your organisation to reach its highest potential.

Please contact me directly using my email address to set-up a discussion with one of our experienced consultants, to explore whether running a Cultural Values Assessment will add value to your organisation.