The Talent Cloud Engager

Great communication is essential for an organisation to achieve it's mission. We all say it, but many organisations struggle to communicate effectively.
Communication should happen all the time, to get the pulse of the organisation, and like all our tools at The Talent Cloud, should be based on values, so to help embed your culture.
We have therefore developed a quick and easy tool for you to communicate with your team on a weekly basis, it's called The Talent Cloud Engager.

We ask only five questions, so it takes under 2 minutes to complete:
1.) What values did you demonstrate most/least this week?
2.) What values did you encounter most/least this week?
3.) How are you feeling this week about your job/organisation?
4.) Question of the week:
5.) Anything you would like to say, confidentially?

You will receive a concise report weekly, aggregating all responses, so that you can react immediately to any issues that arise.
Follow the instructions below to set-up the Autononmyze Engager, and improve communication immediately in your organisation.