The Talent Cloud Matcher

Building a high performing team is critical to all organisations. Ensuring there is values and purpose alignment when recruiting will ensure that new hires are passionate and enthusiastic about your organisation's mission.
To help you discover what the values are of potential candidates, before you interview them, we have developed The Talent Cloud Matcher.
The Talent Cloud Matcher will "match" the candidate's values with your organisations's values. We will also discover what behaviours the candidate demonstrates for each value that they select.
These can then be discussed during interviews. As Simon Sinek is well known for saying: "You don't hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills"
Recruiting a candidate who does not share your organisation's values and purpose, will result in a poor "match", with the candidate potential leaving after a short period of time, or worse, they could end up staying, and thereby decreasing the solidarity in your team.
Click on Matcher below to find out the Values and Behaviours of candidates that you would like to interview, and we will send you a report on how closely they are aligned to your organisation's Values.