The Talent Cloud Reviewer

Trust in organisations creates the magic that boosts motivation and performance. There are many ways to increase trust; one way is to have transparent feedback.
Transparent feedback should come from everyone that you interact with, and should be based on the organisations values.
Feedback should also not happen once or twice a year, it should happen all the time, after every project or task. It should be quick and easy, and two way.
So we have developed The Talent Cloud Reviewer, for any two individuals to review each other based on the organisation's values, and on project/task deliverables.
These individuals could be a manager and employee, or peers, in the same team, or in different teams. Both individuals will review each other in a transparent way, and will not be able to see their reviews until both are completed.
Reviews can be collected, aggregated and discussed during performance appraisals. Values are a major part of the review process, which helps to drive the right behaviours that the organisation needs to embed the culture.
Click on the button below to set-up a review between yourself and a colleague.